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  • Alpha 45: getting colorful!

    Alpha 45: getting colorful!

    Hello, and welcome to our latest alpha release! This release has focused more on the engine, with porting things from C to C++, cleaning up outdated or unused code, and …Read More »
  • Unvanquished 44: Gameplay Update

    Unvanquished 44: Gameplay Update

    Welcome to the 44th alpha release! For this one, we’ve focused on the game code. The primary focus this month has been on gameplay modifications by Norfenstein that we have …Read More »
  • Unvanquished 0.43: join the game

    Unvanquished 0.43: join the game

    So, it’s September and it’s time to release Unvanquished alpha 0.43! Fixes! The most important thing to say, among many fixes, this release fixes two annoying bugs for users: The …Read More »