Time for Alpha 11!

Download it! Read on for what's new.


New Plat23 beta!

The map has been completely redone from scratch, and while it maintains a similar layout, the appearance is much more refined. For instance, the lighting is better, and the outside area is brand new, featuring a high-resolution space skybox. The textures are all properly aligned as well, providing a smoother appearance. Over successive releases, the cliffs and the structure outside will receive further detail, but for the time being, the map is fully playable and pleasantly overhauled.

Map updates!

Based on feedback, Yocto and Parpax have received updates to their layouts. For instance, Yocto now has ladders in the formerly inescapable gill room, and Parpax has received some alterations to its rooms and corridors. This will be the tentative final beta for Yocto, assuming that no further changes need to be made, as work will begin soon on another map. As for Parpax, its textures will begin to be normal mapped shortly.


We've had bloom in the engine for a while, but it didn't look the way we wanted it to. For this release, we've fixed it, and we've also provided a menu option and the appropriate shaders in the asset pack. If you're running the GL3 renderer, try it out! It works with any light source, and will take on its color when appropriate. It looks particularly nice with the marauder zap and the flamethrower, as well as other flashy human weapons.

Bot refinements!

Our bot behavior has been refined, and your favorite computer-based friends should now be much less awkward when dealing with map geometry. For instance, small gaps will no longer prevent them from movement. Navmeshes for the bots are generated much faster than before, too!

GLSL updates!

Shaders will be generated faster than before, as there are fewer of them to be generated in the first place – they have been optimized by removing two unused macros. This should shorten the wait for those on older hardware, and should make it relatively painless to recompile shaders on a whim when testing things or switching between graphics options.

Library changes!

You will no longer need Speex to build the server when compiling from source, and WebP is now internal, which should make things easier for those that do not have the proper version in their repositories. We're now on GLEW 1.9, and unnecessary GLEW files have been removed.

New translations!

Entirely by accident, German was not included in the prior release, but it is there now and should be functional. In addition, we now have French! This means that you can now play Unvanquished in English, French, German, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Ubuntu packages!

PlayDeb has been down for a while now, but there's no need to worry! We now have packages built for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10, and we will continue providing these packages in the future. They should work just fine in derivatives such as Linux Mint, too. Instructions for adding the repository may be found here.

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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- amazonian1515
Monday, 07 January 2013 12:24
YAY! Another download! :D

Looks awesome, also like the idea of better Bots...
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- droid
Monday, 07 January 2013 12:30
[Slightly off-topic]
Quick question... How the f**k does the translation system work?
Because i have submitted some translations a fiew months ago and now i went back in today and all text-boxes are gray?¿? so i had to download the file and do it from there...so how do i re upload the file? And why do i come up as anonymous user?

[on-topic] And are you gonna release a SDK?
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- danmal
Monday, 07 January 2013 14:18
Sorry guys. The Mac installer had a bug in it (my fault). I'm uploading a new installer right now. I'll edit this post once it's done.

EDIT: New installer up
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- amazonian1515
Monday, 07 January 2013 14:22
Oh crap. Mine just finished installing. Is it a massive bug or can I fix it with Terminal or something?
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- icaro440
Monday, 07 January 2013 14:26
hola! now plat map looks awesome, good job!
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- danmal
Monday, 07 January 2013 15:04
"Amazonian1515" wrote:
Oh crap. Mine just finished installing. Is it a massive bug or can I fix it with Terminal or something?

I recommend downloading the updated installer but it can be fixed manually.

Open up /Applications/Unvanquished.dmg (the dmg not the app!). Now right click on Unvanquished and select "show package contents". Copy the folder called contents. Now we need to right click on /Applications/Unvanquished (the app this time) and select "show package contents". Paste the folder in here making sure to overwrite all files.
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- Unregistered (guest)
Monday, 07 January 2013 17:57
Downloading the Ubuntu package right now, can't wait to try it since I got a new graphics card (Nvidia 680).

When new releases are out, will my game automatically update to them? Or will I have to manually uninstall the old alpha, and reinstall the new release?
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- danmal
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 02:19
If you're using the Ubuntu packages then they should automatically update.
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- gnales
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 07:28
I was not able to connect to the translation the last time, I see that you have solved this, thank you.
It is a good new to see French in this new release, since the translation work, I think I will translate the Unvanquished client and finish the Unvanquished game logic.

Thank for this new version :D
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- kharnov
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 07:33
Thank you too, gnales! You, Gorn, and gillux are now on the credits list for your work on the French translation.
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Re: Time for Alpha 11! -- gnales
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 11:34
Thank you for making this nice game :D
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