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Unvanquished is a fast-paced, futuristic FPS with RTS elements, pitting technologically advanced humans against hordes of highly adaptable aliens. The player can choose from either team, providing a fresh gameplay experience on both sides of the conflict.

Recent News

  • Unvanquished Alpha 41!

    Unvanquished Alpha 41!

    Welcome to the latest Unvanquished monthly alpha release! In this release, we have a new model, more coding infrastructure work, and an updated map editor package. Our new model is …Read More »
  • Alpha 40: the big four-oh

    Alpha 40: the big four-oh

    Do you believe it? We’ve hit 40 alpha releases! That’s a lot of monthly alpha releases. Fortunately for us, we’re not that far from the long-awaited beta. We’ve already hit …Read More »
  • Alpha 39: fixes, fixes, fixes

    Alpha 39: fixes, fixes, fixes

    This release we focused on our spring cleaning effort, fixing showstoppers and improving the user experience of the game; read on for what’s new!Read More »