Alpha 14 is here!

Download it! Read on for what's new. 


Color grading!

We've added another significant feature to our renderer in the form of color grading, which can be used to alter and enhance color channels, as well as contrast. It's a map-based feature and we're working on having it work per-room, and at the moment, it's available as a public test that affects the map as a whole. Try it out! So far, Parpax has been color graded, and we've included some sample color grades that you can experiment with on any map. To do so, just type /testcgrade gfx/cgrades/colorgrade, where colorgrade is the name of the file. Some of the colorful examples provided are red, green, and blue. To switch back, use neutral.

Bug fixes!

We've fixed quite a few bugs this month, the most easily noticed of which would be the server lag bug, which is now gone. Hopefully, you should no longer be experiencing the small lag spikes that appeared out of nowhere, as they have no longer shown up in our tests. The numBones error will no longer cause you to disconnect, although it may induce graphical anomalies. The /builder command will work on buildings under construction, and no-build areas on Tremulous maps will now work.

Engine improvements!

Maps should load significantly faster now as we've optimized the calculation of visvis, although this may be more noticeable for those with slower hardware. Occlusion query-based "real" fades on light flares can be enabled via cg_lightFlares 3, and might provide a slight performance increase. For those on our new GL3 renderer, startup and map load time should be improved as the engine no longer needlessly goes through the combined shadertext. In addition, by enabling r_lazyShaders, shaders will be compiled immediately after the game has started, although at the cost of slightly choppy UI interaction until they are finished. The /map and /devmap commands can now take a layout name as a second parameter. We also have some variable expansion and quoting improvements; for instance, /say $p_teamname$ will, if you're on the alien team, display you as saying "aliens" to other players.

Config files!

As part of our efforts to make the game balance easier to modify and to lay the foundation for the addition of new game modes, we're in the process of moving all of our player class and building definitions from unvanquished.h into a series of config files. The implications of this include the possibility of easy distribution of balance changes in simple pk3 files by player modders, and the rapid testing of balance due to the removal of the need to recompile. To reiterate, you no longer need to compile if you want to change, for instance, the damage of a weapon or the speed of an alien; rather, you can just edit the appropriate plaintext config file.

Entities improvements!

We've spent quite a while going over the entities code, refactoring and streamlining what we've inherited into something more modern. This is an ongoing project, and with the merge of the entities branch into master for this release, we've laid the groundwork for future changes. Of course, the changes are more readily apparent to mappers, as entities are features of a map that level designers use for things such as doors, elevators, and other things, but over the course of coming months as the entities changes are incorporated into present and future maps, this will allow for more advanced map features than were previously possible.

Graphics fixes!

The specular and normal maps were not showing up on the grenade model, and this has now been fixed. Take a look at all the detail on it, but make sure to run away before it blows up! In addition, the lucifer cannon should no longer be jerking around after firing the primary shot. The muzzle flashes have all been altered as well, either to be less glaring, or in some cases, more detailed. For instance, the rifle and chaingun have new flashes that take up much less space on the screen. The lucifer cannon and mass driver effects have also been altered.

Translation updates!

We now have Argentinian Spanish, which I've been told should be legible to other Spanish speakers, although you're more than welcome to take a look at translating to some other dialects of Spanish by participating in our translation sub-project. Also, we have updates to some of our existing languages, with more translation work done on Polish, German, and French. Lastly, names can be entirely non-ASCII, as long as they contain at least one letter or ideograph.

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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- anomalous
Monday, 08 April 2013 03:55
We have our servers working properly over IPv6 now. If you have public IPv6 addresses then you'll see that some servers are listed twice (once for IPv4 and once for IPv6) in the in-game server browser. Osavul, as of last week, will also list those with IPv6 addresses if they're reachable; again, there will be duplication if a server also has an IPv4 address.
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- ziliss
Monday, 08 April 2013 10:39
Great work. I will try this new alpha.

Does the color grading work in the old renderer ?

Do you save the compiled shaders, so that it doesn't need to recompile them each time ?
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- anomalous
Monday, 08 April 2013 13:19
Colour grading doesn't work in the old renderer, and compiled shaders are saved where possible. Mesa, for example, doesn't have support for that (but I find that compilation time is sufficiently short that it's not an issue).
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- fuma
Monday, 08 April 2013 14:58
In cases that we can't save the compiled shaders, you can use r_lazyShaders 1 to decrease startup time by delaying compilation until the menu appears.
In that case, we will do shader compilation one at a time every so often while you are still interacting with the UI or waiting on the first loading screen.

There is 0 performance difference once you are in game.
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- Unregistered (guest)
Saturday, 20 April 2013 13:16
I have a problem, Unvansquished doesn't launch.
When I enter unvanquished-download-paks or dpkg-reconfigure unvanquished-common, it return:

Downloading missing or updated files...
Downloading map-parpax-d02.pk3Â* to /var/games/unvanquished/main...
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:09 --:--:-- 0
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

Can you help me ? (I'm USING Debian SID)
Thank you :)
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- viech
Sunday, 21 April 2013 00:19
Are you french? I remember people from france having issues with their local sourceforge mirrors.

You can download the files manually here. Put them into /var/games/unvanquished/main. If you're still having issues loading some of the files: You don't need any map-*.pk3 files for unvanquished to start, most servers will offer them to you via autodownload.
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- Unregistered (guest)
Sunday, 21 April 2013 20:50
Yes, I am.
Thank you it works!
But what is the probleme and when will it be fixed ?
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- viech
Sunday, 21 April 2013 21:13
Sourceforge, where we host our assets, seems to have crappy mirrors in france. They are often lacking files that you can downloaded without an issue from other parts of the world.

The solution would be to move to another host, ideally one that hosts our files for free and offers direct downloads with appropriate speed. Another, more complicated solution would be to distribute our assets on a handful of private servers, university webspaces, etc and distribute a mirrorlist from which download sources are picked at random.
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- Unregistered (guest)
Monday, 22 April 2013 08:03
Okay, Thank you :)
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Re: Alpha 14 is here! -- Unregistered (guest)
Saturday, 01 June 2013 11:31
Here's the cause and a quickfix for curl ERROR 404 Not Found


The files are available on SourceForce, the issue is that the script is trying to download the wrong url.

When downloading file map-Eden-b3.pk3, instead of looking on the webserver for "map-Eden-b3.pk3" under base url, it looks for "map-Eden-b3.pk3Â*" (with an extra blank, maybe special character)


In file /usr/lib/games/unvanquished/ at line 105, add a tr command to remove the end character (use copy/paste):

download "$DEST_DIR" "$(basename "$i" | tr -d 'Â*')"
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