Alpha 15!

Download it! Read on for what's new.


Renderer updates!

We've done more work on color grading, adding support for four grading texture slots and grading weights, meaning that maps can now have multiple color grades for different areas, and the grades can be blended with each other. In addition, we now have heat haze. This effect only works on GL3, as you might expect, and at the moment is deployed on several human weapons. Currently, you can see it in action on the flamethrower, the lucifer cannon primary shot, and the grenade. It's a subtle effect, but a very neat one, and something we expect to use elsewhere in the future. It's disabled by default, considering that it's a bit of a resource drain, but can be enabled on the menu.

Mapping updates!

There's a new version of Thunder out, and while the layout hasn't been changed since the prior version, the map has been cleaned up and some of the unnecessary texture and shader load has been removed, which may result in a performance increase. Also, we have had more work done on entities this month, as part of our broader effort to clean up the map entities that we've inherited, as well as preparing to introduce some new ones.

Engine updates!

By improving R_AddNormals, there are fewer and less expensive calculations to be made, meaning that our new maps should load a bit faster than they previously did. Also, in regards to binds, buy and sell will now take multiple parameters, and it's also possible to now sell things by using -item. For instance, the sell-all bind for the human team would now be /buy -all rifle, which would remove all upgrades and purchase a rifle. This should allow for much more streamlined binds. We've also fixed some things we've come across, such as an uninitialized memory access and a load of unnecessary code.

Translation updates!

In addition to adding the most recent updates to our existing translations, we've also done some more work on the translation code. It should now be easier than ever to translate Unvanquished, since we've removed quite a bit of unneeded strings and fixed other things. If you're interested in translating Unvanquished, check out this page! In case you don't see your language listed there, please ask us on our forums and we'll make sure to add it for you. Those who translate Unvanquished will be listed on our credits and will be given access to the development section on our forums.

Much of our other work this month has been on other branches, and as a result, you'll hear more about them when we merge them in. Also, expect to see regular news updates once more after most of our team is done with finals around the middle of this month. Until then, see you soon!

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Re: Alpha 15! -- dwarfvader
Monday, 06 May 2013 08:27
ahh ze kharnov is back happy.png !!
nice work on the heat haze effect, though IMHO Ithink it should be increased to make the air in front of heat generating wepons even more "drift", because I barly noticed that effect using a flamethrower in battle. I only came to realize it in its full beauty by overcharging my luci to the max and hitting a goon with it at very close range, but that was like "WoW!" in-love.png -- Could be a matter of peronal opinion though.But as I am a friend of all user adjustable values ( via menu of course! ), it would be nice to hear what others think of that effect, if it pleases them, is strong enough/or too strong etc. and if there is room for improvement and/or the need to be able to adjust that value by the user.

>All together a more minor update I would say, especially beacuse i was so excited to see the new ( librocket powered ) HUD... :-( but nevertheless good to see that work continues.

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Re: Alpha 15! -- viech
Monday, 06 May 2013 09:48
"DwarfVader" wrote:
All together a more minor update I would say, especially beacuse i was so excited to see the new ( librocket powered ) HUD... :-(
Librocket isn't a small thing, we have to reimplement thousands of lines of codes, which means Ishq will be busy for a while. After the implementation, we will still need menu designers to replace every single menu in the game.

As kharnov said, other people have been very busy on other branches. Fuma has put a lot of effort in bots and I have been coding on the gameplay branch (development server). The entity work is also something you wouldn't notice as a player but it's very important for mappers, working with the old entity system really isn't fun.

What's unfortunate though is that manyt of our modelers, texture artists and animators are busy with school, university or social life. If you know any artist that might be interested in helping out, hint him or her at us!
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Re: Alpha 15! -- icaro440
Monday, 06 May 2013 18:19
its me or the lucifer ball looks much better now?

i love the heat haze when the lucifer energy ball hits on some surface, impressive! keep up the good work and thanks for this new release thumbs-up.png
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Re: Alpha 15! -- ishq
Monday, 06 May 2013 20:14
It's not just you. The luci balls do look much better.
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Re: Alpha 15! -- virus
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 13:04
Just saying, there are no shadows casted by the model on itself. The old cg_shadows 2 did though in thirdperson.
Anyone got a screenie of the new luci balls? I don't have GL3.
(-all)...which would remove all upgrades and weapons and purchase a rifle.

I'm actually capped now (yet again, until 14th) so I can't join just yet.
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Re: Alpha 15! -- Unregistered (guest)
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 15:15
I wanna flyer for killing humans :)
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